About me


Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am a “Dutchie”, born and raised in the Netherlands. I love to travel and I have a passion for Online Marketing. I lived abroad in the creative and capital hun called Berlin for two years. Then I moved to cosmopolitan London and called it home for one year.

Now I live in riley and energy full Curaçao – my second home. The island is simply electrifying! The salsa and bachata music that I grew up with. Krioyo food and Carnaval are just a few ingredients that makes this island simply amazing.

I followed my dream and over the past four years I have been working as an online marketing professional where I mostly focus on creating a digital strategy and the execution of the digital strategy.

Recently I started my personal lifestyle blog – it’s a blog where you’ll often find me rambling on about various aspects of my life. But also about things I am passionate about.

With this lifestyle blog I hope to take you along with me on my  journey . A journey of who I am, and what inspires me throughout the day

Going forward, if there is anything you would like to see on my blog, make sure to tell me. Or, if you wish to discuss a collaboration, just drop me an email!


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