My BFF is better

I am getting ready for a wedding, I have tied a belt around the wait of my jumpsuit that matches my earrings, necklace and shoes. I have filled in my eyebrows, shaddowed my eyes, and I’m wearing a bright shade of lipstick. I ask my date how I look.

“You always look good to me honey.”

  1. Fucking. Hate. This. Answer.

I do not always look good. I do not look good when I’m sunburned, and ocean water has changed my hair into an immovable mass. I do not look good on mornings after studying until 4AM, on days spent crying about boys, telenovelas or boys in telenovelas. I look terrible on study and telenovela combo days when I get an allergic reaction to my own tears.

My girl would never give me this answer. She would tell me the belt is too much, she was the one who helped me pick out this shade of lipstick, the one that is Taylor Swift meets Sofia Vergara, a rouge for between Christmas and New Years. My man calls it “red.”

There is nothing in the world like having a strong, intelligent and capable woman in your corner. I know that every fight I’m in, every punch I swing, every hit and every miss, my girl will be there empowering me, encouraging me, watching my back, helping me shine. When I fight for me, I fight for her. And when I fight for her, I fight for my own life.

I have a good man, he wants the best for me, and lies to my face about how beautiful I am after I haven’t changed sweats in 3 straight days. But my man doesn’t want to hear me bemoan the latest drama about my cheating ex. My girl will hunt my ex down on Tinder.

Life is hard, and when you’re two bad ass, ambitious, and wildly adventurous women chances are you’ll spend most of your lives on different islands, continents or hemispheres. So, how do you keep up with the greatest women of all time? Here are our tricks:

Pick a show.

(We love Jane) Like a relationship, watching ahead is certain death. Pick a time every week, or every other week and simulcast. Keep one eye on your screen, and one eye on your whatsapp. No boys allowed.

My BFF is better - jane the virgin

Start a shared Pinterest board.

I mostly used pinning so that my hairdresser knew what I wanted from every angle, but sharing a board of inspiration, motivation and aesthetics keeps me empowered even in my weaker moments, my girl knows exactly whatsup.

My BFF is better - pinterest

You’re not drinking alone if Skype is on. Enough said.

Peperbeau - My BFF is better

Be the backbone for each other’s side hustle.

I could not have gotten in, started, or been successful in grad school without the support of my bff. You know what they say, behind every strong woman is another strong woman. They’re everywhere.

How do you keep your tribe in tact? Inspire us! We’re always looking for new things to do


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