What is your MBTI Type?


A few years back a colleague of mine asked: “What is your MBTI Type?” I was rattled for a second there, because I didn’t knew if I should tell him that I had no idea what MBTI is let alone what my type was. But I replied saying “I don’t know, but I get back to you on that later today” I was way too curious so I started to Google MBTI – The MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. Now I have done a couple of these tests in the past and knew what I was getting myself into while I clicked on the button to do the test. The good thing was, it didn’t last for more than 12 minutes and it was a simple test to do.

“ I don’t wait for opportunities, I create my own.” – unknown

So what does this test do: The test helps you identify your preferred way of doing things in four areas.

  • Making decisions
  • Directing and receiving energy
  • Taking in information
  • Approaching the outside world

After I finished the test my results came up: INTJ – I was a bit in shock so I did the test three more times (yes three!) to see if the results would be the same. And they were.

“ I have a realistic grasp on my own strengths and weaknesses. My mind is my weapon.”- Tyrell Lannister

What is an INTJ

So okay INTJ stand for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment – “The Architect”. After reading  the description of the INTJ Personality I couldn’t believe how very accurate the test results where and how it put things into perspective for me. To me it was a great way to learn more about myself.



INTJ- Imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything

They say it’s lonely on the top and to me it certainly is. If it comes to work I felt alone most of the time. But then again I love being alone. I always need to withdraw and gather my thoughts or even my feelings. And it always brought me good ideas or the invention of them. I become creative or I just feel and see which course to take. I’ve also received the feedback at work  “you’re hard to read” LOL as if that is a bad thing! Honestly I could never respond to that, what do you say? thank you – or sorry – or I will make myself easier to read? NO I am not going to change just because you can’t read me. My first response is have you tried getting to know me?


I start looking up quotes of other INTJ’s and I couldn’t agree more!

“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you” – Stephanie Perkins


Did you do the test

Tell me your thoughts !

9 thoughts on “What is your MBTI Type?

      1. Well, it is my belief that if you juggle between two types your not borderline. I have read many cases where people tend to juggle between types. I tend to be optimistic and positive as seeing it as everyone is unique and so are you. And not because a test says you are (between) two types makes that you are borderline. Then again I am not a therapist so I can’t call on that.


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