Three visualizing guidelines

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Like most people I am insanely busy nowadays. Living in a culture where stress dominates many of our lives. It is easy to get caught up or stressed. To escape we book that sunny resort in Bali or we go on a city sightseeing trip in Rome. All to get into a new environment – gain new energy or just get re-charged with a new positive flow towards life. But there are times you see no possibility to leave. Due to a high workload or you’re just on a low-budget. Question is what can you do about it?  When I go through circumstances like these I like to start visualizing. If you really want something to come to fruition, then you have to put your imaginative mind to work.

– I am not the same seen the moon shine on the other side of the world – Mary Radmacher

As powerful your mind may be, don’t expect to start thinking your way into running 10 miles to 20 miles. It will take much more than just that, you will have to eat healthy, start working out etc. But it will help visualizing your workouts, meal schedule and running schedule. Perhaps even the Nike outfits you wish to  wear and you see yourself running towards the finish line ;). The way I see visualizing is with a bit of advice from Tom Seabourne:“Imagery can’t make you perform beyond your capabilities, but it can help you reach your potential”. It makes me happier, stronger and more effective. So using your mind to start visualizing is a very powerful tool if you have set your sights on your goals! It goes beyond saying that it won’t work if you’re not positive! Positively thinking is key, because if you don’t think it’ll work, then I’m afraid it won’t.

– Be bad until you’re good and good until you’re great –

Here are a few tips that helped me to start visualizing and has got me to travel more and be better at my work, to follow my passion and desires! It also adds up to your self-care.

1. Bucket list

Pull together a bucket list on all the places you want to go to within the next few years. As I am pulling my list together I have already accomplished a few items that were on my bucket list. So it’s also an amazing tool to see where you where and how far you have come with the places you want to go to and the things you like to do. To name a few on my list:

  • Travel to Thailand 
  • Cliff Jump 
  • Scuba Diving 
  • Walk on the great wall of China
  • Bungee Jump
  • Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  • Go on a safari in Africa
  • Spend a night in a tree house
  • Watch the sunset and rise at the beach
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Spend a night on the beach

Paperbeau - Beach - visualizing

2. Pinterest

Another great way to start visualizing is with Pinterest. I am a huge fan of Pinterest! I have different boards like Fashion, Life wisdom, Lifestyle, Food, Event Decoration. And every year I create a board for all the goals, desires I have for that year! You can create your own board and start adding everything that you like. For travel destinations to fashion and health tips. Pinterest also has a feature where you can make your boards only visible to you or certain people that you want your board to be displayed to.

Pinterest - PaperbeauPinterest - PaperbeauPinterest - Paperbau

– You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces differently –

3. Music

Paperbeau - Spotify playlist
Whenever I use my imagination and try to move it into the real world – music helps me with that. I made a playlist on Spotify full with classic piano music and Jazz! and I also made a playlist which is called vacation! It’s literarily brings me to any vacation destination I would like to go to. Furthermore this also helps to slow down and to embrace!

– Grateful for where I’m at, excited about where I’m going –

Paperbeau - Jennifer - Lajennie

What tactics do you use to get your visualizing going?


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