Why you need a work wife or work husband..

Paperbeau benefits of work friendship, office life, work spouse, career, work wife, work husband

Is having a “work wife” or “work husband” good for your career?

The last time we worked together was almost five years ago, but Marie Clair was my work wife, while I was working in Berlin. She picked me up when I was in a rut about missing my hometown and my family and friends in it. She picked me up when I became indiscriminately amorous at the office Summer party and help me dissect cryptic emails from my co-worker. We would go on an afternoon coffee run – or she would bring me coffee when I was too busy in the morning. She consistently covered for me when I was sneaking in from longer-than-I-was-suppose-to lunches. And she would chime in during meetings to support even my most feather-head ideas.  She showed me a face of Berlin I have not seen before, it’s a beautiful face I have to add, and we still go on holidays when we can.

After decided that I was leaving my job, I went straight home and I remember having that feeling of freedom (I knew I made the right decision). I called Marie Clair and later that day we met at her place. We talked all evening (and night), we had dinner and drink pink champagne. Having a “work wife” is magnificent: She’s your best friend, who gets you, and your colleague, who totally gets why you don’t always agree with your other colleague. She get’s your preferred work style and the ability to freely suggest and shape ideas without fear of embarrassment or reproach. The person who becomes a can’t-live-without-each-other support system.

– Sixty percent of the people with a work spouse say they look forward to work because of the relationship, research shows –

No matter how happy you are with your job, everyone needs a best friend in the office. This person makes the work more pleasant. It’s my friendships at work that have made terrible jobs bearable, and great jobs dream-like amazing.

Why do you need a “work wife” or “work husband? Because it is good for your career. Website Totaljobs surveyed more than 4,000 employees and 100 employers in the UK about their relationships at work. Almost two-thirds (60%) of respondents said that they looked forward to work as a result of their relationship with their work spouse. A little under 40%, meanwhile, said that they felt more productive in the office thanks to the presence of their friend.

Paperbeau benefits of work friendship, office life, work spouse, career, work wife, work husband
Another study shows that 47% of UK professionals either have or wish they had a ‘work spouse’. Respondents called out on the benefits as ‘ offering support and mentorship, providing advice and guidance and offering friendship and companionship’.

Over the years I have had “work wives ‘work husbands” and I tend to stay in touch with most of my old work friends. Which results in rehashing funny or scandalous work stories. The “work wife” or “work husband” is your work ‘person’, someone who will never stab you in the back and is there to give you proper objective career advice when the going gets tough. You need trust in the workplace, regardless of your profession, it’s a must for feeling secure to know that there is someone in your corner who you can wholeheartedly depend on. I strongly believe that everyone should have someone they can tell anything to without fear that it will be repeated. A big part of performing at my best at work is feeling free to be creative. With my “work wife” or “work husband” I am able to bounce off ideas and they aren’t afraid, to be honest with me when it comes to giving feedback or constructive criticism.

– Forty percent of the people say that they felt more productive in the office thanks to the presence of their friends –

Two is better than one in many cases, you’re a dream team together. Your “work wife” or “work husband” know exactly what you’re going through because he or she knows the co-workers, bosses, and projects you’re dealing with. They have firsthand experience to relate to your anxieties and stresses. They help to break up the workday with big smiles and candid laughter. Which helps to ease stress and improve your productivity (!). They often make situations that would be otherwise unbearable, much more tolerable.

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