… you don’t have to follow the crowd, just be you.

… if you’re wondering when will be the moment that you will be more serious 

… every time someone calls “STOP”, to think to yourself “Hammertime …”
Can not touch this.

…to eat that “sharing pack” M & Ms all alone. – You will go to the gym tomorrow.

… if you sleep in on the weekend – until 8 o’clock in the morning.

… if you do not know what to do with your life.

… to put candles on and enjoy the breakfast table before going to work.

… to immediately scroll down on a job vacancy to see how much you’re going to earn.

… to buy high-quality literature and then not read them.

… to pull fanatically on the door while it says pushing and vice versa.

… if during the day you can’t wait until you can wear your pyjama trousers again.

… to get up early, so you can make yourself ready slowly but ultimately have to rush to get on time.

… to still see Disney movies and cry.
It’s always so nice to know that they are still living happily.

… if choosing a Netflix movie takes longer than the movie itself.

… to look into any mirror you go by.

… if the number of times you have to walk to the glass bin to dump wine bottles doubles during the summertime.

… to listen to the same number over and over again, just because the song blends in perfectly with your mood.

… if you’re home alone all day and you live the whole day on sandwiches with Nutella and on cereals. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

… to shop online and put a lot of items in your shopping cart, without the intention of buying one single thing. – after all, a girl can dream 😉

… if you buy a bag every three months. You really do deserve it.

… to pretend you do not hear your child so daddy has to get up. Hello, you’ve been busy all day.

It’s okay…

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