7 Ted Talks For Anyone Who Needs Inspiration At Work

Whether you’re working for a boss or you are the boss, it can be hard to find the inspiration and sometimes the motivation you need to get your projects finished. Whenever I get to that place I go online to find that inspiration or motivation that will give me my fire back. I will look on Pinterest or I listen to music on Spotify but what I love doing the most is to go to TED talks. I have always managed to find a video on TED talks that leaves me empowered. So here are my seven favourite TED talks – my all your vibes say: I got this!


My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything – Shonda Rhimes

Generally, I get inspired when I see a woman grabbing life by the balls and turning it into her favour by doing what she loves doing most. By seeing a fire in their eyes I, like magic, get my fire back. During her moving talk, she says: “When I am hard at work, when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling,” she says. She calls that feeling: The Hum. Boy, how I can relate to that. Shonda Rhimes, is the titan behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.  The hum; the hum is a drug, the hum is music, the hum is God’s whisper in her ear. But what happens when it stops? Join Rhimes on a journey through her “year of yes” and find out how she got her hum back.


How To Make Work-life Balance work – Nigel Marsh

It’s too important to leave work-life balance, in the hands of your employer, says Nigel Marsh. Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity.


The Happy Secret To Better Work – Shawn Achor

In this funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that it is happiness that inspires us to be more productive. Shawn Achor is the CEO of Good Think Inc., where he researches and teaches about positive psychology.


“May all your vibes say: I got this”


How To Get Better At The Things You Care About

In this video, Eduardo Briceño shares some clever techniques to keep on learning and always feel like you’re moving forward. He talks about a simple way to get better at the things you care about.


Embrace The Near Win – Sarah Lewis

In our pursuit of success and mastery, is it actually our near wins that push us forward? Sarah Lewis asks to consider the role of the almost-failure, the near win, in our own lives.


What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work? – Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely asks us the question; What makes us feel good about our work? What motivates us to work? Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn’t just money. But it’s not exactly joy either. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two experiments that will make your eyes pop.


The Unexpected Benefit Of Celebrating Failure – Astro

“Great dreams aren’t just visions,” says Astro Teller. The head of X (formerly Google X), Teller takes us inside the “moonshot factory,” as it’s called, where his team seeks to solve the world’s biggest problems through experimental projects like balloon-powered Internet and wind turbines that sail through the air. As “Captain of Moonshots” for X, Astro Teller oversees the secret projects that could reshape our lives in coming decades.



What Is Your Favorite Video That You Look For Motivation or Inspiration?

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