Interview with Steve Duffis

Paperbeau l interview Steve duffis

Tell me about yourself?

Well, my government name is Steve Paul Duffis Gordon, born in San Andres, Colombia in 1985. I lived in Sint Maarten and Curacao, since 2003 in the United States of America, and currently in New Jersey. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Administration and I currently work as a network/systems engineer for various companies around the US and one in the Caribbean but most notably in New York. I am BIG BIG BIG sports aficionado, comic book fan (Marvel ALL DAY) and Gamer. Anyone that knows me understand the magnitude of my fandom 🙂


Who has been the biggest influence on your life and why?

There has been a few but I most notably my parents and Kobe Bryant. They have a very distinctive way of viewing life and I can relate to this because I view things very differently than the norm. If in my mind I can achieve or reach a goal, I’ll go for it regardless of the odds. I have to try even if I fail.


What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

1. Everything you want to learn is already in a book.
2. Not everything is easy to achieve but if have a plan of attack you can make it.
3. Do NOT BE AFRAID OF HELP or asking.
4. It’s okay to be different than the norm.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Starting my own remote IT business and coaching a basketball team and becoming an Elder at my home church in New Brunswick, NJ.


“A successful life is one where you achieve or made something of yourself regardless of others.”

Whenever you come to a setback what do you for your comeback?

Pray a lot, look for answers through readings, sports stories, ask my friends for advice on an action I want to take. Most of the time, I make it through with this approach. Like I said previously, do not be afraid to ask. Kobe Bryant didn’t become a Hall of Fame basketball player alone. There is a clip where the camera caught him (Kobe in his rookie season) asking Michael Jordan questions during a game. It seemed innocent at the time but Kobe said that chat alone help his career what it was when he played.


If you were writing the story of your life, how would you divide it into chapters?

Chapter 1: The Unknown Baby Boy …
Chapter 2: Parental Lockdown ….
Chapter 3: Individual Discovery …
Chapter 4: Living life independently …
Chapter 5: Greatest setback…
Chapter 6: The Answer (currently been written)


What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you were young?

HOW TO SAVE MONEY! My goodness, I like to buy “expensive” things but for me expensive is relative. I was never a big earner till maybe now because I moved up now in my career and live but I always have a thought process as to why, for example, those sneakers are worth my hard earned $150. Years later I discovered that my mom was right. Aye, who’s really looking at your feet? Haha! But seriously, saving money is essential. Wish I had that knowledge out of college.


How do you define a “good life” or a “successful life”?

Mental sanity and happy in your space regardless of your situation. I never had everything I, personally wanted but I was always content with what I had and in the space, I had it in. Meaning that I was comfortable and happy regardless of what others had. Right now, I am going through a very tough situation and it has cost me a lot of emotional stress and sadness. RIGHT NOW, because I am not happy I feel as if I don’t have a good life. Some may disagree with me due to society always telling us that if we have things, money, and possessions regardless of circumstances, that we have a good life. For me, that will never be the case. A successful life is one where you achieve or made something of yourself regardless of others. It’s all about you. What makes you wake up every day! Do you think a person needs to first overcome serious setbacks or challenges to be truly successful? Yes, absolutely. I like to refer a lot to sports because I relate to it more. My favourite players all are GREAT at their craft but there was a point in their story where they were a MAJOR setback. For Kobe Bryant, it was failing multiple times during playoffs at the end of games but that ultimately propelled him to be one of the most dominant and clutch players of all time at the end of games. For Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers Quarterback, NFL team), he was drafted very low, had to play behind another Hall of Famer. He didn’t expect that but that gave the strength to ultimately be in my estimation the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s a Baaddddd man now!


Paperbeau l Interview Live Boldly And Bloom

If you had the power to solve one and only one problem in the world, what would it be and why?

RACISM. I live in America. Look who the president is. That should tell you enough. If I could get rid of it all together, we would all be 100% better people. How have your dreams and goals changed your life? Yes, they have. They make made me push harder in life in times that I wanted to give up.


What do you do for fun?

Literally, play video games, watch sports and analyze them. That makes me happy. VERY HAPPY! To some, it may seem silly but it has pushed through A LOT of problems. Also, from time to time, I like to look at historical events in the world to get a better grasp of where we are now.


What’s your favourite book and why?

I’m not a big reader in my spare time so I don’t really have a favourite book. I have multiple articles online that I love though 🙂


How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life? How do you feel about that choice?

Interesting enough I knew what I wanted to be the day my father bought our first computer back in 1993. I spent night and day on it. It was an MS-DOS machine that started up with a key. Kids today have NO IDEA about what I am talking about. They are probably reading this and questioning if I am from the dark ages! I think I made the right choice but my preferred choice was always to be a sports analyst. I think I would make a GREAT analyst 🙂


Paperbeau l Interview Live Boldly And Bloom

What do you think are your three best qualities?

Listening, fast learner, and dedicated. If I can expand on these traits. I knew they were my BEST traits when back in 2007 when I gamed EXCESSIVELY. A random guy online said I was terrible at FIFA (football game). I asked him why I literally took notes and went on the practice alone in a closed room. I came back the next cycle of the game and destroyed other players. I was proud of myself because I said, no one was ever going to tell me I was terrible at any game ever again. I dedicated time and effort to be the best everything ever since.


What are you working on to become a better YOU?

My spiritual life. I am on the good path but far from where I want to be and what God intends for me.


Do you have any special sayings or expressions?

“Oh, noooo”… “This guy is trash” (in a silly voice) … “Wha gwaan papcaan?” (Means what’s up bruh)… “I feel thee”… “and some other ones I can only tell my close friends if you know what I mean.


What place does religion have in your life?

Number one. It is what molds me, what makes me make the decisions I have made and make. Matter of fact, it’s not the religion per se but the morals and standards that come along with been a Seventh-day Adventist.


If you could possess one superhuman power, what would it be?

Ask Captain America how life is being strong, fast and athletic. Yes, I want to be him.


Who was the biggest influence on your career?

Bill Gates. He changed the world. Literally. If he listened to his college teacher about his software been terrible, today who knows if we would even have the computer we have today. He went after his dreams and conviction because he believed in himself. I am him now. I believe in what I want to do and I will achieve it.


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