7 ways to beat the winter blues l paperbeau

Temperatures are getting low and the days are way too short. My mood was falling as fast as the thermometer when I was in The Netherlands. And I’m starting to feel like nothing but a very strong pot of coffee will get me out of bed. Yup, the (winter) blues are kicked in. Here are 7 ways I use to lift my spirits and ease the mid-winter blues. I feel it must be said that if you are battling depression, you should seek professional advice. Knowing when to ask for help is empowering and never shameful. BUT, if you’re struggling with a case of the blues, regardless the reason or with the post-travel blues, I like to share what I do when I’m down that always helps me from the inside out.

Go for a walk

Paperbeau l Travel Vietnam l Instagram LajenniePlan a vacation

I booked my vacation to Vietnam for a month to beat the winter blues. Knowing that only the sun could save me :).


Go for a run or to the gym. Anything that enhances the endorphins to get in a better mood.

Dance it out

Put on your favourite music (as loud as you can) and dance it all out!

7 ways to beat the winter or travel blues l PaperbeauWatch your favourite movie

Go and watch your favourite movie or movies. Okay, I do have to admit I do it for the popcorn too 😉

7 ways to beat the winter or travel blues l Paperbeau

7 ways to beat the winter or travel blues l PaperbeauTreat yourself

Give yourself a treat. Regular treats are another one of my favourite happiness boosters. Unlike rewards, treats don’t have to be earned. You simply give them to yourself because they make you happier. The only rule is that your treats have to be healthy. Sorry, a fist full of potato chips don’t count (and they won’t make you feel better anyway). You can also treat yourself to that new black dress. Or these earrings I have been dreaming about. I have been looking at these earrings for months. So before I went on my holiday to Vietnam. I treated myself on these beauties from Lucardi Juwelier Den Haag.


7 ways to beat the winter or travel blues l PaperbeauEat Some Good Food

Certain foods, like avocado and dark chocolate, are known to relieve anxiety and enhance your mood. So don’t forget to indulge in a square or two of your fave chocolate — after you munch on some delicious avocado toast, of course.

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