My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials l Paperbeau

On my last travel post, I received a bunch of questions. But the ones that jumped out are; What do you bring with you when you go travelling? And What are your travel essentials -must-haves. I decided to create a blog post on the question; “What are my travel essentials – my absolute must haves”?

First I have to admit, I pack a lot, like way too much (over packing it what my friends call it) LOL. My thoughts are; Rather have it all with you and be prepared than being unprepared and having to buy it in the country that I am visiting. However on my last trip, my trip to Vietnam, I took my backpack, so I needed to prioritize. I guess your travel essentials can vary depending on what kind of vacation you’re going on, which country you’re visiting and depending on the length of your flight – all these factors determine what to bring with me. It’s important that whatever I bring with me that it’s comfortable, reliable and not to heavy to carry. I managed to narrow it down to eight travel essentials that I always bring with me, regardless of the flight length, country or what kind of vacation it is.

My Travel Essentials l Paperbeau

  1. Let’s be honest. Wheels are awesome. You don’t need to carry all your gear via a duffle bag or on your back.It makes getting through a busy airport and from floor to floor in a hotel so much easier.


  2. Somewhere at the end of last year, I bought an E-reader. Which was one of the best gadget I bought that year. It’s lightweight, user-friendly, it’s easy to use and it’s an absolute space safer! A good book or two is an absolute must to me whenever I go on holidays.


  3. When I went to visit a good friend of mine in Denmark she introduced me this fantastic brand – L’Occitane. If you have – just like me – a dry skin then this is an absolute must. Due to the air on the aeroplane, my skin gets extra dry and well this helps. It keeps my skin soft and it has the lovely scent of a thousand lilac lilies and jasmines – smells amazing.


  4. Bring snacks with you. You never know when you feel like snacking something in the middle of the night but you can’t because off all the stores that are closed. I love popcorn and I always have it with me when I travel. Not so much into popcorn go for another healthy snack like a granola bar or (almond) nuts.


  5. When I was living in London I saw a woman on the tube wearing a cashmere scarf. It looked so comfortable and cosy that I went out and bought one of my own. Life has never been the same (kidding) but it has enhanced the way I travel. They are not only a stylish addition to your (any) outfit, but they are also great multitaskers. They can be used as blankets on the plane or as a neck pillow. They are also sheets on overnight trains and amazing head covers on drizzly days.


  6. My MacBook goes everywhere with me. It’s an essential for whenever I want to write something down or I want to watch a movie/series.

  7. One travel beauty essential that I tote no matter where the destination or season is a moisturizing lip balm. Swap your lips with a balm that moisturizes and protects your lips at the same time. My personal preference goes to the M.A.C. Tinted Lip Conditioner. Which is a protective emollient balm formulated with SPF15. The lip balm contains almond oil, shea butter, avocado extract, wheat germ oil and vitamins A and E to condition lips and lock in moisture. (It’s available in five shades).

  8. Quality earplugs or headphones are a must for those whose sleep is less than sound, and handy for blocking aircraft noise as well. My favourites are the soft, tapering headphones from Bose.


I have 8 travel essentials BUT my Canon camera should be number 9. I take it with me wherever I go to. The Canon I have has a selfie mirror 😉 Which is amazing when your solo travelling.


What Are Your Travel Essentials? Tell me in the comments!

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