The Power Of Words

The power of words l

Hi, darlings! So recently, I’ve been reading up on the power of words. When one of my dear friends pointed out how hard I am on myself. And I wanted to change that part of myself. So I started to read and learn more about this topic. I realized that a powerful voice in my life had lied to me. The negative voice that lies is almost always a combination of something someone else says and the things I am saying to myself. Sometimes I am my worst enemy when it comes to issues of my self-worth. I had made the mistake of listening to that voice over a long time and I allowed it to steal my joy and shake my confidence. This week I’m celebrating the fact that that voice was exposed as a liar. I was talking to my mother and my friends about it all. Lamenting the fact that this voice had shaken my confidence for so long, and my mom’s response was, “Isn’t this a wonderful reminder about the power of YOUR voice in other peoples’ lives? Your words have power, so choose them wisely”. Not only do I want to be a person who builds people UP and empowers others with my voice or writings. I also want to learn to trust my own voice that I know is speaking truth to me. I want to speak truth to myself.



The power of words l

What negative voice will you silence today? and what positive voice will you embrace?

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