Interview With Solo Traveler Laura

Interview - female solo traveler l Paperbeau

Introduce yourself! Who are you? and which country do you come from/ call home?

My name is Laura, 32 years and I’m from The Netherlands.


Where have you been (name the countries you visited)

I have been in 40 countries in my life, but the countries I recently travelled solo are Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Panama.


What has inspired you to start travelling solo?

Freedom, making my own plan and decisions, meeting people easily, being more approachable and being independent


What was your family’s reaction to your travelling idea?

My family is very used to the fact I’m travelling alone most of the time, and they only want me to update them whenever I reach a new destination.


Many people are reluctant to travel solo because they feel like they’ll be alone and won’t meet anyone.
What’s your experience?

Being alone while travelling alone is something you choose for. If you stay in hostels it’s easy to meet people and do things together. But if you choose to be alone, that’s up to you as well. Book yourself a private room in a hostel or stay in a hotel to get some privacy.


In how far do you think travelling has changed you and your view of the world?

It changed me in every kind of way. It changed me as a person in a very positive way. Travelling to me is like a therapy. It’s good for every person’s soul. It turned me into a storyteller and a very independent person who is not afraid to do things alone and it taught me a lot about this beautiful world.


Interview - female solo traveler l Paperbeau



The biggest concern for travelling solo as a female is safety. What would you tell women who want to travel solo but worry about their safety?

Always trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right just don’t do it. Your intuition is always right. Try to find as many information as you can about reaching new destinations. Is it safe enough? Where is the hostel? Is the trip towards the destination safe enough to travel? A good preparation makes it half of the work.


What should every solo female traveller pack?

Warm clothes even when it’s a hot place you’re going to.


How do you afford your travels, and what tips can you share for keeping costs down while on the road?

I afford travelling by working in my country and save money. The best way to keep costs down is to stay in budget accommodations (hostels) and cook yourself dinner in the kitchen. Also, transportation costs can you save you a lot of money. For instance, Traveling by plane in South America can be very expensive. Most of the time is travelling by bus cheaper, however, it can take a lot more time to reach the destination. You need to be flexible in terms of travel time and making choices in tours.


Interview - female solo traveler l Paperbeau



What is the one thing you know now that you wish you knew before you started?

That cash machines will charge a lot of fees while withdrawing money as a foreigner. I didn’t pay attention to that at all..


Do you ever think to yourself, “Shit, what am I doing? Shouldn’t I be back home now and own an apartment or house or something?”

Never! It’s my life and I feel blessed that I see so much of this world. There is absolutely nothing what could make me happier than being on the road, meet nice and interesting people, and wander across stunning nature far far away from home. Buying a house, having babies, getting married are my later concerns 😉


Interview - female solo traveler l Paperbeau

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