My Protective Hair Style

Hi, Y’all,

I know it has been a while since my last post. It has been crazy busy. But I am back at it 🙂 So December last year, I made a trip to the USA where I visited Louisville Kentucky, Seattle and San Francisco. And while packing and making everything ready for the trip I started to think what I should do with my hair. I will be going in and out of airplanes and will be doing road trips which means a couple of hours sitting in the car. Can you image going to all these cities having to take care of my hair the whole time? Especially when it rains! Ain’t nobody got time for it! That ain’t a holiday. And come to think of it I also wanted a break from my hair LOL.

I needed to do something with my hair which would make it easy for me but also would help to encourage growth and something that would protect the end of my hair. You get where I am going right?! So I decided to go for a protective hairstyle and I braided my hair. Last time I did that I was 18 years old. I am not going to lie to you, but I was dreading to braid my hair for two reasons. One that I might look super young (yes it’s a gift to look young but it’s not always fun!). And two that I was a bit scared about how people at work would see it — as weird as that might sound. But I had a lot of awesome comments too. Comments I did not expect at all. Comments like: “looks so good on you, you should do this more often”. So these colleagues were very sweet. l Braidedhair

My sister braided my hair (she did such a good job) and now that I have my hair braided I am so happy. First, because it does look pretty nice LOL. But also because I can give my hair some rest and let them grow long LOOOONG. On my Instagram, I asked what are your tips for growing and retaining length? I also asked my mom and aunties what they would put in their hair (and in mine when I was younger) to let it grow and retain length. I gathered all that information and wanted to share them with you in case you decided to go for a protective style or already have your protective style going on.

First things first! For the ones that don’t know what’s a protective style is. There is some controversy over what counts and what doesn’t, but simply put, a protective style is any style that protects your hair from physical, chemical, or environmental damage. So how do you care for your hair while it’s in a protective style? So this is what I did. But I also recognize that it’s different for everybody as it depends so much on the style but also on your type of hair. So do what feels right for you but I do believe these tips apply for everyone.



Keep your hair moisturized.

I mean since your hair is in a protective style you might not need to use moisture as often as you would normally do. But because of my dry scalp and my hair that’s get often frizzy I moist my hair daily. I love to use Olive Oil but these last couple of days I am all up for Pink :).

Keep your hair clean.

You would think this is needless to say that you should keep your hair clean LOL but it is necessary! Wash it regularly.

Don’t keep your braided hair in for too long.

I will keep in my braids for 4 till 5 weeks but this differs for everyone. Some leave it in for till 6 weeks. I would say no longer than 5 weeks as this will lead to tangling and hair damage. And you need to give your hair some rest. So my advice is, do not leave the style in for too long.



What other tips do you have for anyone who wants to braid their hair? Or want to use a protective style? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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