Investing in friendships with women

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On investing in friendships with women: I was raised by two altruistic parents who accepted everyone despite their background, religion and colour of their skin. Having a heart bigger than yourself can always be either misconstrued as a symbol of weakness, therefore, people who fall in this category often get taken advantage of.

One of the things I Iove about writing on my blog is the opportunity it gives me to connect and even meet with strangers but, If I’m being completely transparent I have been apprehensive for a while to connect with people offline because I never fully trust the intent behind the communion.

I have been traumatized by my relationship with other women before that I found myself becoming a shell of who I knew myself to be. I spent most of my time examining those failed “sisterhoods” vs the successful ones and what I found common amongst the successful relationships is that those women know who they are in the world, they are dope AF, unashamed of their flaws (!) and are unthreatened by the fullness of the lives of others because it doesn’t take away from theirs, instead it adds to it because when one person wins the energy is shared amongst all. Having this blog is sort of catch 22. I don’t believe in friendships for the sake of leveraging, I desire to connect with people who do more of the work in the real world than they do online. Because it motivates me to do better and become better.

As apprehensive as I have been, I recently allowed myself to throw caution to the wind. Due to recent experiences with women who did not accept me nor allowed themselves to meet me where I was at. But I didn’t write this post to lash over this lady. No, I wrote this to celebrate the women who are accepting and who have allowed themselves to meet me where I was at. “Sisterhood”, it’s not about posting pictures online to express your love for one another, it’s an altruistic act of being of service regardless of what is in it for you from the transaction. It is about supporting your “sister” amongst other’s, even in her absence and above all showing up for your “sister” in real time.

What are your experiences in investing in friendship with women? I would love to hear from you!

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