Body positivity


I recently thought a lot about: why is ‘body positivity’ a thing!? And not because I think it’s stupid but because I don’t understand why ‘we’ need to make it clear that it’s OK to be curvy, thick or ‘fat’. For me, it feels like I need to make it clear to people that it is OK that I’m not a size 34 or 38. I mean let’s be honest here, no one should make you feel like that. No one should make you feel like you are not good enough in any way and that you need to explain why you are who you are or why you look like you do.

Also, I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was trying to feel good/better in my own skin. It’s that recently people told me that they love my way of being body positive that I realized it. It was a process and took me years.

I have always loved making other people feel good about themselves because why not? But making myself feel good or hearing other people giving me compliments… I had a hard time believing it.

For me, it started 3 years ago or so. I followed just like almost everybody (I’m not going to name drop), but a well-known family. Let me be clear: I have nothing against them! But it’s because of them that I realised.. that seeing pictures of them didn’t make me feel good. Why you ask, well…I didn’t feel good enough and ‘They looked perfect’. That is when I realized that I needed to unfollow them, so I can work on myself. And while I was working on myself I started to follow some amazing (body positive) women on Instagram.

Accepting who you are is something that takes time! .. A lot (at least I took my time ). But it also needs the right support. Needs a strong mind. And needs some positive thoughts. But you also need to realize that you are good and enough! -Because you are!- I know, it’s easy said than done! But let’s be real.. What’s easy in life?

I’m not saying that I’m living a happy life without any doubts about myself, but I do feel a lot more confident.

Written by Amaareelisz

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