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Clothes… Oh how I love to spend my money on clothes, especially these past couple of days.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with clothes. I love getting new clothes, but I could never find the right piece that I would really like and would wear. I always want to be different, it’s funny because I’m a pretty shy person. But when it comes to clothes I’m loud. Always trying to look different and not like anyone else.

When I was in my teens I disliked buying clothes, because I was ashamed off my size. And I used to think; I can’t go shopping in stores where my friends like to go shopping. At least that’s what I thought! Even though I have amazing friends that would never judge me because of my size. I still felt that somehow they did, so I would always go shopping with my mom.

I bought my clothes at – what I like to call –  “Granny-stores”. Because I always felt that I was the youngest person in these types of stores. OK so imagine… a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl shopping with her mom at a store where people who are 40 years or plus, are buying their clothes and you know what I mean ;). Back then my size was somewhere between 40 and 44. And I thought that I could only buy clothes at these granny shops because of my size.

“What I regret the most is that I was afraid to try things on and that I didn’t go to different stores.”

I never fully acknowledged my size. I never knew what my true size was. As mentioned before I was somewhere between size 40 and 44 (EU sizes). And while writing this down I’m starting to realize that I could have bought my clothes in almost any other store. Yet back then I always thought that I was too big.

I have to be honest with you guys, I still don’t know which size I am now! Partly because 90% of my life I only wear clothes that are oversized (I live for that). It’s that problematic, that when I shop online for pants (which is once in the blue moon, because I’m more a legging-girl) I have to order it in two or three different sizes. And I can already hear you thinking “Why don’t you go shopping in a store. Where you can try them on!?” Well, my answer to that is: why should I go shopping in a city or full of people that push and turn you over? When I can shop at home in my bed in peace. Also, the number of online shops nowadays are increasing. I feel that every day a new online store is popping up.

I love how the fashion industry is changing! There are now so many stores that are selling all sorts of plus size range! I mean I went from ‘granny-shops’ to H&M, Asos, Monki (oversized clothes Valhalla), Boohoo, Missguided, New Look, Mango (Violeta), River Island and so many more. The best time to be alive!

“Expand your fashion creativity and don’t limit yourself!”

The thing that I do regret the most, is that I was always afraid to try things on and that I didn’t go to different stores! Curvy girl and body positivity are rising facts and so stores have to change their ranges and sizes. So if you’re a plus size girl/women/boy/man, go to different stores, expand your fashion creativity and don’t limit yourself!

Written by Amaareelisz

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