Do you know your own worth l paperbeau

Hi, darlings it’s been a minute, I needed a lil recharge to get my creative juices flowing, and I worked on self-care. There have been so many changes (all good) in my life for the past couple of months…  You don’t realize how much you work until you stop working!

But let’s talk about our value. Have you ever found it hard to see your own worth the same way that others see it from the outside looking in? I’ve been having some very interesting conversations lately that have forced me to confront the way that I see my value in the world. Yes, I can be self-loving, free and somewhat fearless in many ways. But I’m still making peace with my own value in this world. This is the journey. Being on the path and making pit stops to re-evaluate where you at and how you can be thinking more, better, higher and lighter of yourself. With two feet planted firmly into the ground, there is always room and ways to love yourself deeper en more deliberately. And when that doesn’t feel possible, how do we have the hard conversations with ourselves? How do we get honest with the things, patterns or mindsets that we allow to limit us in our life’s journey? These are hypotheticals but please feel free to jump in and answer. Right now, I’m sitting with myself. Journaling, praying on who I am, where I want to go, how I truly view myself, digging deep on how that can shift in time. It’s messy, ugly but it is honest. And that’s how we can get to the other side – in due time. I knew a beautiful spirit that once told me when I was very young that there is no such thing as limits, limitations are only constructed in the mind. That gave me permission to fly higher for the first time. It’s funny how we learn lessons in life, and then they come up again, to revisit, relearn and take in as we did for the very first time.

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below. 

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