Letter from the founder PAPERBEAU

Hi Darlings,

I wanted to start today with this little note and I thought long and hard about it. To post or not to post. But I can’t leave it. For the past couple of days I have been receiving tons of messages. Thankfully all nice and from people who want to listen en learn. People asking me what to do and I don’t always answers those DM messages only from a couple of friends but I want to and I need to say this:

Please understand. When I talk about racism, white supremacy, and white privilege, it’s not I REPEAT it’s not to shame YOU. I don’t need you to comment or message me apologizing for your racism or your unconscious biases.

It’s awesome (a blessing if you will) that you are willing to realize that you’ve been complicit in a racist system without knowing it. It’s awesome that you’re confronting issues of race and privilege on a whole new level now.


For real…

Like for real…

This isn’t about you.

It’s not about making you feel guilty. It’s not about making you feel shame. It’s not about you apologizing or asking for forgiveness (it’s super weird as well – I am not GOD).

It’s about the black man or woman who doesn’t get the promotion he or she deserved to have.

It’s about the 16-year-old black little boy who has applied 100 times for an internship but still doesn’t get it. So he doesn’t finish school.

It’s about black mothers who die in childbirth due to inadequate healthcare. It’s about the black people sitting in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

It’s about educational systems that don’t allow us to learn about black history. But Napoleon goes first… the man was exiled to an island called Elba – ironically.

It’s about the black person who needs to learn Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and so on… but you learned our nothing. It’s about saving lives. It’s about Mitch Henriques lives, George Floyd’s and so MANY others. 

The desperate, pressing need for you to confront and address the issues of racism and privilege within yourself and in the world is not about making you feel bad. It’s about you joining the fight to save lives.

It’s about every person whose life could be saved by you speaking up and speaking OUT! It’s about dismantling the public safety system that endangers the lives of its citizens. It’s about reforming a justice system that steals black lives every day through unjust practices. It’s about the equal changes in black lives, so they can go to school and get educated (nobody should be without education).

It’s about calling YOU INTO the fight to save lives. And if you don’t understand it please read the books from my previous post.

Thank you for your time.

2 thoughts on “Letter from the founder PAPERBEAU

  1. Great post, I hope people realize that they make decisions every day. It can be small like looking backwards if a coloured person is walking behind them or big by hiring someone. Just be aware of your own actions…

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