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Hi, darlings,

Nice to have you on the blog again. So a long long long time ago when I was 17 years old….

I bought my first Glamour magazine in the Netherlands, and they had a section called: Hey, it’s okay! – I love that section of the magazine. I would skip all other content and would go straight to the section Hey, it’s okay! at the back of the magazine. 

It was the main reason I would buy the magazine every month. (okay you caught me, yes also for the fashion). But what I loved about the section is that I didn’t felt alone. In that sense that they would mention life experiences for the young woman and I think nine out of ten times it resonated with me. And I remember dreaming; “When I grow up  I will finish the study journalism, and I will have my own blog. On my blog, I will write about my own life experiences as a grown woman.” Dreams can be so powerful! I ended up doing a different study called marketing and communications and my major was journalism and I did set up my own blog. I am so incredibly proud of my blog! But that is for another post, some other time.

Today I want to share my; Hey, it’s okay! experiences. I do want to point out that some sentences are from my not-so-happy-times. We all have those days right. But I always strive for positivity and to stay optimistic.

Hey, it’s okay!

…If you are a work in progress

…If you colour outside the lines (you little rebel you)

…If you have not let it go YET

…If you wonder why you’re you

…If you feel exhausted and cancelled all your plans (namastayinbed)

…If you struggle to stay positive

…If you pretend to text message to get out of talking to that person

…to post an old photo of a cocktail so nobody knows you’re spending Saturday night with a face mask on in full pyjamas

…if you wear midi skirts so you don’t have to shave your legs all the way up

….If you forgot your own magic

… If you thrive when you’re alone

…If you say the wrong thing

…If you refuse to play it safe

…If you outgrow people

…If you aren’t there yet

…If you worry too much

…If you love speaking your mind

…If you are feeling left out

…If you didn’t get the job that you were sure to be the right fit

…If you don’t share everything

…If you follow your own rules

Will you let me know what resonated with you? I would love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Hey, it’s okay!

  1. Hallo, daar dacht ik ook iets over na, maar ik besloot het op internet te zoeken, toen vond ik deze site en ik vond hier een aantal interessante zinnen. Ik hou echt van de manier waarop je het uitdrukt en je show om het te schrijven .. Ik heb hier leuke berichten gevonden. Ik ben dol op je bericht. Zo perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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