See How Far You’ve Come

Paperbeau l See How Far You Have Come

Ever since I was a child, I pictured myself to be just like Blossom (played by Mayim Bialik): An ultra-smart fairly confident character. A real model of plucky individualism. To be smart (read tons of books), fun, free and to live happily, floating through the days of my own pace. 

Paperbeau l See How Far You Have Come
Photocredits @Ardgelick on Instagram

Oh, and I dreamed of being a freelance journalist who wrote for several magazines and newspapers. Writing and researching topics that are close to my heart. Perhaps even run my magazine or start a company in marketing data science. It didn’t matter to me whereas long as it was abroad.  

And I can tell you that for many years my life did NOT look like this at all. School, internships, traineeships, jobs. Nothing could be further from my dreams. My first years living in Berlin, where I did my traineeship started to look more like it. And also my years living in London where I worked as a growth hacker in online marketing and later on as a data analyst where significant steps towards my goals. 

A couple of years ago, when I moved back home to The Netherlands, I realised I was mostly living my dream. I started this blog Paperbeau which I am to this day so proud of having. But I wasn’t booking the successes that I envisioned for myself. 

Paperbeau l See How Far You Have Come

Fast forward to two months ago. I for the first time registered my new founded company at the Chamber Of Commerce in The Netherlands. I got two new freelance assignments. And on top of that, my current job wants me to do more than analysis and creating dashboards. And suddenly I realized: I’m for 100% living the childhood dream I had envisioned for myself. Which to be honest was much more than just a drive. It was a reliable knowing that this was what my life would be. There was a big part of me that was still working hard for it—assuming that it was still outside my reach. But it isn’t. It’s my reality! As someone who can be quite hard on me, it took me a minute to realize this. I’m grateful so incredibly grateful that I’m living my dream. AND I look forward to what’s next! Thank you, God.

I’m curious; What has your experience been in this? Have you come further than you give yourself credits? And who was your childhood hero? I love to hear from you!

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