My favourite home workout videos

Today on the blog; I want to share four workout channels that I have been following during the pandemic. These home workouts have helped me not only to stay fit or to lose weight. But also to instantly remove stress and to make me feel happy 🙂 

With the recent coronavirus pandemic going on I got concerned about going to the gym. Yet I wanted to stay fit and in shape. It was difficult to figure out what else I could do. Like how do you set up a cool and effective home workout? And what do you do when you don’t have the workout equipment? At first, I thought I could make my own home workout routine. But that ship sailed after a short week (lol). Then I went to Instagram for inspiration which led me to YouTube. And now… I love doing these workouts! And it doesn’t matter if you are going to use only your body weight or you have minimal workout equipment, whether you are a beginner or you are more advanced. These trainers have all sorts of different workouts for everyone and you can easily do it from home. I don’t have workout equipment at home, so I love doing the workouts where there is no equipment evolved. 


I’ve done many of their workouts and I think it’s because of the energy that they put into their workout and the amazing music in their video’s. It makes me want to come back. This couple provides fast and effective HIIT workouts on their social media channels.

All rights reserved to MrandMrsmuscle
All rights reserved to MrandMrsmuscle

Sydney Cummings

Sydney is a personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist. And her positive energy to keep pushing and to keep going during the workouts is on point. Definitely worth to try out her workouts and to follow.  

All rights reserved to Sydney Cummings

Trainer Kaitlin

With Trainer Kaitlin, I usually do the workouts where she uses her resistant bands. They are perfect to get toned and strong.  

All rights reserved to Trainer Kaitlin

All rights reserved to Trainer Kaitlin

Heather Robertson

Heather’s YouTube channel is filled with full-length HIIT workout videos. She also has a HIIT Pilates workout video that I definitely would recommend giving a try. That is If you like Pilates and would like to mix your workout week with different workouts. I recently started following her on Instagram where you get a glance behind-the-scene, and she announces when there is a new video up.

All rights reserved to Heather Robertson Workouts

All rights reserved to Heather Robertson Workouts

Which one are you following? Or which workout channel  would you like me to add to the list? I am always looking for tips. Thank you! 

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