10 Things I Stopped Doing To Gain Peace In My Life

Hi, darlings, this week’s blog post is all about gaining (more) inner peace. Last year I took a lot of time to go inward, reflect and journal. There are specific actions and behaviours that I must avoid to gain more inner peace. Today I want to share with you ten things I stopped doing to attain peace in my life. Here goes:

Pretending to be happy when I am not.
I do want to say that pretending to be happy for others’ sake is not necessarily wrong. It can even be an indication of your moral regard to others’ wellbeing. I believe that it becomes self-destructive when you find yourself pretending more and more to a point you are not yourself at all.

Continually dwelling in the past or future.
Overthinking kills every once of peace in my body. My past is to learn from there is nothing I can do to change it. But I can learn from it and let it go.

Chasing happiness.
It only left me feeling unhappier, to be honest. I ended up feeling overwhelmed and anxious. The pressure to be happy all the time takes a toll. 

“When there is more inner peace, worries will find its way out.” 

Waiting to make amends.
If for some reason, I ended up mistreating someone or dishonest, I would take me some time to apologize. Because to be honest, I am ashamed. But that is not the way to go, and it’s also not how I want to be. We all make mistakes, but I’ve learned to make amends immediately. To correct my mistakes as soon as possible, I can find inner peace, knowing that I improved upon my actions and done my part to relieve any ill-feeling or guilt. 

Practising forgiveness.
Is a gift to yourself! So you no longer have to suffer to find peace and provide closure to the situation.

Chasing perfectionism
Just as I was chasing happiness in my life – I was also chasing perfection in my work. Oh, the turmoil and the anxieties that I placed on myself. And the many times I was angry with myself when things were not perfect. I could have made my life a lot easier if I allowed myself to be imperfect and still make progress.

Keeping people in my life who are not for me.
I have kept people in my life because I love and respect them or because of the time invested. Even though it was clear, they are not for me, and I am not for them. But I’ve learned you can love from afar and still go your way.

Discarding my boundaries to fit in other people’s lives.
I find it hard to set boundaries at weird as this may sound. But it is so essential if you want to keep your inner peace. There were times I discarded my boundaries just to fit in. And it made me unhappy because I wasn’t myself. 

Accepting toxic behaviour.
I started cutting toxic people (for me there is a difference between people who are not for me, unhealthy behaviour or toxic people) and their behaviour out of my life and focus on healthy, happy relationships.

Spending time on mindless distractions
I started to spend less time on social media and television and more mindfulness. Like reading books, doing yoga (yes started doing yoga)

I hope this post has inspired you. I’m curious what else will you cut off to bring inner peace? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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