Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy

Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy l

“I think success is a journey and not a destination where you wear your failures as medals, appreciate the learning and get moving,” says Pallavi. Today on, I am sharing my talk with this beauty. We dove into the topic of Entrepreneurialism – where she shares her journey and what made her successful as an entrepreneur. Honestly, I woke up THRILLED to share with you the interview I did with Pallavi Airy.


My name is Pallavi Airy, and I am the founder of “Chail Chabeeli, for the girl in every woman”. Chail Chabeeli is a jewellery brand that attempts to connect every woman with the girl within herself. It voices out the rich cultural heritage through its designs crafted by indigenous craftsmen of India and channelises woman’s inner gypsy with its tribal, ethnic, and contemporary designs. We offer whimsical and fashion-forward jewellery which is minimalistic and feminine.

Our collection includes delicate fashion jewellery that gives women of all ages the liberty to go trendy and experiment with the changing fashion trends and provides a wide range of variety for elegance, class and mesmerising looks at the same time. 

Chail Chabeeli was created with a sole, ambitious aim in mind – to source the best calibre jewellery and offer our customers the most competitive and affordable prices without sacrificing quality, design and class.

Our mission with this brand is to propagate the idea of self-love ,especially to urban women who have lost touch with their selves in the hustle of managing career home and family.

This brand wishes to bridge that gap and endorse the concepts like “true beauty lies within” and “self-care is not selfish”. 


As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I have been living in the Netherlands for a long time. Some time ago, I had contested in a beauty pageant. Having associated with the fashion industry closely, I realized how a piece of jewellery can not only transform your beauty and looks in a fraction of seconds but also take your confidence to another level. I got better insights into the fashion industry and I gradually became an active customer of such jewellery. When I came back to The Netherlands, I always found a shortage of such fast-moving Indian jewellery here. I researched and concluded that it’s not just me who faces this issue, rather many women resonated with it and reciprocated the concern. Moreover, in my research, I found that this kind of jewellery is also loved by non-Indians. As a result, I decided to solve this issue not just for myself but for many other women and hence this idea popped up. People living abroad have their own share of struggles in adapting to live in a foreign land. While it can often feel like an adventure, moving abroad alone can sometimes bring inevitable feelings of homesickness. The cherry on the cake is that even in a foreign land, a small piece of jewellery can make you feel connected to your country and let go of that “fish out of water” feeling and make you feel at home.


By degree, I am an IT engineer and I have been a Technical Writer for most years of my professional life. Yes, this is my first business venture.

Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy l


To all the young women out there, I would just want to tell them that the key to success is to start before you are ready. There are too many of us who are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Even I was one of them. It will be wrong to say that I have perfected all of this. I am still struggling every day with them. But I constantly remind myself that a little progress each day adds up to big results. Permit yourself to be imperfect, flawed, messy, and beautiful. Give yourself space to learn, fall, make mistakes, and do better.

Secondly, don’t get bogged down with the pressures in the world. Things don’t happen by planning, instead, they happen by moving. So, just keep moving, be even if they are tiny steps each day. Perseverance is the key.


To be an entrepreneur means to be someone who takes on challenges.  I guess the biggest struggle for most entrepreneurs would be taking that first leap for example where should I start from? I had so many ideas in my mind but initially was confused on how to start and where to take the first step from? For example, just announcing your venture to the world or whom should I approach to start off. I would say after a fair amount of brainstorming and planning, I realised that figuring it out as you go is one of the most fun and best approach to being an entrepreneur. Just do it in the first place. Apart from taking the first step, there are many more hurdles that come your way once you decide to start:

1. Enduring Self Doubt – Becoming an entrepreneur takes courage and a belief in oneself. However, even if you’re usually confident, one may sometimes endure moments of self-doubt. Self-doubt can leave you questioning your abilities and your decision to start a business in the first place. It has the potential to derail you because you’ll distrust every move you make. The mind frequently plays tricks on you. Fear and doubt creep. You think will I be able to pull this off? You start making plenty of excuses. The fix here is to disregard those negative voices in your head and embrace the truth: I am capable.

2. Balancing Perfection & Progress – I have learnt with experience that you need to recognise the difference between almost barely good enough and perfect enough. As it is said, ‘perfect is an enemy of good’. One must pay attention to the details and polish, but in the pursuit of doing so, one must not let the actual thing take a backseat—for example, your deadlines. So basically, unlearning was a challenge.

3. Dealing with uncertainty – Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of uncertainty. One has to deal with a general sense of ambiguity regarding your business’s chance of success. I also faced many day-to-day unknowns. The fix here was to embrace the fact that uncertainty is a natural part of entrepreneurship (and life!), but realising that you can take action to mitigate risks. My mantra is to take one step at a time, and then when you look back, you acknowledge that you have walked miles. Secondly, don’t go full throttle and don’t expect things to change overnight.

Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy l


Having found my path to health and fitness both physically and mentally. I am a believer that a healthy body and mind can lead you to greater heights.

Secondly, I would say having the courage to act on my instincts. There are so many people who have so many ideas flowing in the brains but only a few can gather the courage to seriously turn them into a reality. Although, a lot of credit goes to my family, who has always been a pillar of strength in my life. It’s their belief in me that gives me the confidence to fly and face the world. I find myself truly blessed to have such a robust support system. I am glad that I chose to act on my instincts irrespective of the consequences, be it good or bad. Our instinct is nothing but our unconscious mind. It’s the part of our mind that constantly works in the background, monitoring everything, learning everything, and figuring out the next steps. It is like blocking your rational brain and practising the art of not thinking. So, just trust your instincts and just do what feels right. For the world to believe it, one must believe it themselves first.


Work and life, life and work. The two intermingle more than ever thanks to technology, making it almost impossible to separate the professional from the personal. Today, we live in a world where work and life blur together, no matter how hard you try to separate them. 

I kind of keep oscillating between work-life balance and blending. Sometimes, I strictly compartmentalise my work and life, and sometimes the lines are a bit more blurred or blended, but it usually evens out in the end, just like the colours in the rainbow. Some days I practise the balance method, and on other days, the blending. It all depends on what is on my plate on a particular day. To give an example; When an idea comes to me in the middle of the night, and I want to record it before I forget, that’s fine – I do that because that’s work-life blending. However, I remind myself that I have a life outside of work as well and that I value the fact my family needs my undivided attention too. So, I simply write down that idea or compose my email as a draft and wait until the morning to refine it and send it. That way, I have successfully blended work and life on my own terms while not imposing my work-life blend methods on others.

However, there are some days when I feel that if this task is not done that very particular day it might completely ruin my deadline. These are days when you feel that’s let’s finish it because you are in the flow, and you really don’t want to break the flow merely because it is a certain time in the clock. 

I believe it’s each to his own. In order for something to work, it should fit your needs and lifestyle.


Parents are role models, first teachers to everybody in their lives right from their childhood. To me, my parents mean the world me. It is because of their upbringing that I am who I am today. They have always treated me with a sense of individuality, believed in me and inculcated thoughts in my mind rather than forcing something onto me. Because of this, I have turned into a confident adult and I am able to overcome my adversities that come my way much easier. 

Apart from them to be honest, I am not inspired by any of the biggies in the business. Instead, common people, who are not in the public eye but remain in shadows throughout their lives inspire me. So for me, it’s a dynamic process and not restricted to famous personalities.

Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy l


I chose this career out of the various options available to me at the time of making the decision because the other roles were not the right fit for me and were not challenging me on a daily basis. There comes a point in your life when you reach saturation, and you realize that you are not enjoying your work any more, and you are merely doing it mechanically because you have to. It was at that moment that I conceived the desire of doing something of my own. I wanted to do something that not only I enjoy doing on a daily basis but also should fit beautifully fit into my lifestyle and exercises my passion. When you do something that you love doing, it never feels as if you are working. Rather it’s an enjoyable experience that you look forward to every day. After a lot of brainstorming and putting thought into what exactly I would like to do I decided to venture into my first business venture i.e. Chail Chabeeli.

But I feel this is not the end. I still have many other aspects to explore in my life that have excited me. One example of this is competing in a beauty pageant that too after motherhood when most women think that probably that is an end of their career and desires. I guess deciding to be an entrepreneur is just another facet of my personality.


I think success is a journey and not a destination where you wear your failures as medals, appreciate the learning and get moving.
You have to continue being successful each day and then you can actually be successful. Success to me is a sense of growth, a sense of evolution and not resting on your laurels. It should be a springboard to take you to the next thing in line to achieve your goal. Success gives happiness and a happy mind leads to the achievement of goals and success. For me, physical, mental, financial wellbeing is happiness, which forms means to my success. 


Yes, the business plan was intrinsic and it was indeed helpful for me in identifying my market demand and complementing it with the efficient supply.


I think the word entrepreneur in itself a gender-neutral word. The advantages or disadvantages are not based upon your gender but on the skills that you possess as a person. So for me, it’s gender agnostic. Of course, there are challenges of being an entrepreneur in itself but I guess they apply to both genders equally. Surely, entrepreneurship gives you freedom and independence. But the pros and cons of independence are often two sides of the same coin, depending on your perspective.

Pro: You are your own boss.
As an independent professional, you don’t have a boss telling you what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. You have the flexibility to build your business how you want to build it. That means getting to choose who you work with, what projects you work on, and even how you portray your personal brand. With flexibility and control, you can truly create and pursue your own priorities.
Con: You are the boss
While the independent lifestyle may sound enticing, with freedom comes responsibly. You’re now the one go-to person for everything. You should be comfortable making decisions, learning new things, and seeking out help when you’re not sure what to do. Because you don’t have a boss dictating your daily tasks; it’s up to you to make things happen.

Pro: You Get to Chart Your Own Course.
Con: Running Your Own Business Comes with Uncertainty.

Pro: You are in charge of your future career.
Con: It’s up to you to find motivation when low.


Canva. It makes my job easy by enhancing both my technical and artistic creativity.

Interview with female entrepreneur Pallavi Airy l


Follow your heart…your mind will automatically find ways how to do it. I read this somewhere, and it just stayed with me. I’m so glad I did it because if I didn’t, I would still be playing the “what if” game. If it weren’t for me taking a leap of faith and starting, I wouldn’t have realized how hard other people have worked to make their dreams come true. I would’ve continued chalking it up to “luck.” I would’ve continued making excuses, and I wouldn’t be the type of person to take personal accountability for my actions. If you aren’t taking any action to turn your life now, chances are you will live the same routine for the rest of your time. I am a believer of no matter how good something looks from the outside, if it doesn’t feel right, just walk away and follow your heart.

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