Positive Findings

As challenging as the last 16 (!) months have been, I keep trying every day to look for something positive. Positive findings, if you will, and in my previous blog post, I wrote down my positive findings and how important wellness and mental health is to me. And these last ten months have forced me to dive much deeper into the practice of mindfulness and self-love. By diving deeper, I stay rooted and grounded during these times. 

And there is more as I have asked three amazing humans to share their positive findings.

The positive finding throughout this pandemic for me has been the resilience that I found I have. There were so many up and downs in the past year, but I found that I am blessed to have a stable and good job, amazing friends who always were there in case needed and my family even though so far away from me, offered their unconditional love and support. It made me realize that it is in the small things; having a virtual session with friends, reading good books, going for walks in nature and always always be grateful for everything I have. A positive mindset is the key! Gratitude and resilience are the main things that kept me going, and I strongly believe that we are seeing finally light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe and healthy, good vibes only!

I’m not really an outgoing person, but even for me, it was hard at the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown to stay home.  But it has given me the space to do the things I haven’t done in a while because I was “too busy” and things I would never think of doing. So I would say my positive finding during this pandemic would be that it made me creative (again) and realize that I still can enjoy life and do things that I love even though there are restrictions.

Of course, this pandemic is not a joy, to begin with, but I did find a positive finding. I found myself in a way. This pandemic brought me closer to myself. I had to spend more time alone than ever before. Before all of this, I was out a lot, hanging out with friends, partying, going out for dinner almost every day. All those fun stuff I still love to do (and can’t wait to do again soon!), but I hope to never use it as an escape from my feelings again as I did before. I learnt that I was not taking good care of myself in my basic needs.

The lockdown brought stillness so that I could – and had to – really reflect on certain parts and relationships in my life. I was chasing for happiness outside myself constantly, never really accepted who I was and never really felt good enough I guess. I’ve always needed something outside myself to give me that feeling like I was alive. But it’s right there in difficult times that we can learn how to grow and overcome certain things.

So I had a coach, went into therapy and made peace with myself. I now have a new position at work and a new house. Can’t wait to see what else the future may have in store for me! Here are some things that I love to do to nurture myself:
–   Meditate
– Have a walk in the park
–   Read
–   Writing down at least 3 things I’m thankful for everyday day before going to bed
–   And dance! Even if it’s alone in your bathroom, especially then haha

What have been your positive findings during this Pandemic?

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