Positive Findings During Pandemic

Positive Findings During Pandemic - Being More Minimalistic- Paperbeau

Hey, hey loves, how’s your spirit? How’s your heart? How have you been spending your time? I’ve been working a lot, and as some of you might know, I work as a digital marketing manager and recently taking on several freelance assignments, all within digital marketing. Like SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics dashboards, and the […]

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Interview with female Entrepreneur Crystal Rosca-Paruntu

Interview with female entrepreneur Crystal Rosca-Paruntu l paperbeau

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I just opened my two new businesses under one umbrella, Arunika Art and Arunika Store. Arunika Store is an online shop based on Etsy, and Arunika Art is catered to personalised greeting cards, postcards, and wall art. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR […]

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Interview with female entrepreneur Amelia Bryant

Interview with female entrepreneur Amelia Bryant l Paperbeau

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? Co-Tasker is a community marketplace platform where local people can find fast and affordable local help/services or earn money by using their skills and completing flexible tasks.  HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA? My partner Tarek Abou Samra and I moved […]

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The 10 Most Common Investing Questions

Let’s be honest anywhere where you are putting your hard-earned money into can be scary yet thrilling at the same time. I mean it can be complicated and peculiar. Yet, if you are like me, you’re secretly fascinated by it. And as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and that’s […]

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10 Things I Stopped Doing To Gain Peace In My Life

Hi, darlings, this week’s blog post is all about gaining (more) inner peace. Last year I took a lot of time to go inward, reflect and journal. There are specific actions and behaviours that I must avoid to gain more inner peace. Today I want to share with you ten things I stopped doing to […]

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Women you need to know: Meet Sandra Nwart

Female entrepreneur Sandra Nwart - Paperbeau

Meet Sandra, a young black female entrepreneur, who is going to make a huge impact in 2021, she founded Nwart Agency—a consulting agency that aims to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of Afro cultures and the impacts they have globally. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? Three years ago, I […]

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