About Me

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Born and raised in the Netherlands. I have a big passion for travelling and Digital Marketing. I lived abroad in the creative and capital hun called Berlin. Then I moved to cosmopolitan London and called it home for one year. After London, I moved to the energy full island Curaçao – my second home.

Over the past seven years, I have been working as a digital growth marketeer where I mostly focus on creating a digital strategy, conversion optimization and the execution of the digital strategy.

You’re probably wondering what kind of blog this is, right? Right… It’s a blog where you’ll often find me rambling on about various aspects of my life. But also about things that I am deeply passionate about. A journey of who I am, and what inspires me throughout the day.

I hope the blog inspires and motivates you to think critically. Perhaps getting in touch with your hippie spirit or change your perspective on various topics. If not, I hope you are at least entertained with the reflections of my own personal experiences and hope that I have imparted some wisdom that you can take away.



To send me your photography submissions and article pitches please contact: jennifer@paperbeau.nl| For advertising, collaborations and partnerships please contact me also on: info@paperbeau.nl|



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