My favourite home workout videos

Today on the blog; I want to share four workout channels that I have been following during the pandemic. These home workouts have helped me not only to stay fit or to lose weight. But also to instantly remove stress and to make me feel happy 🙂  With the recent coronavirus pandemic going on I […]

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Interview with Matryoshka Wadhwani

“Become a master before you break the rules. My fine art teacher said to me.” Good morning darlings! Meet Matryoshka Wadhwani. A creative soul with an entrepreneurial spirit who has done impeccable things over the years. To name a few a successful jewellery line and creative studio. It has been such a pleasure speaking to […]

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Interview With PressCookie

Hi Darlings happy Monday! I can’t wait to share the interview I did with PressCookie. Read the interview below 🙂 TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? We are a brand new online platform called PressCookie. Our online platform connects handmade and artisan brands to the media (magazines, blogs, stylists, photographers). […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Teresa Brancaccio

Interview With Female Entrepreneur Teresa Brancaccio l Paperbeau

Today, we have the honour of featuring Teresa Brancaccio. In this interview, Teresa shares her experiences as a female entrepreneur and her advice for those on the same path. Teresa also shares her views on women in business. Read the interview below. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I am […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharn Khaira

Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharn Khaira l Paperbeau

Good morning darlings! Recently I had the honour and great pleasure to interview Sharn Khaira who was an Asian Wedding Planner and coordinator for Asian and Fusion weddings at Desi Bride Dreams. I say great pleasure because of the positive energy she brings with and you can read it throughout the answers she gives. It’s […]

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Dear White People: Here Is How Racism In The Workplace Looks Like

Hi Darlings, Today I want to talk about racial discrimination in the workplace. More so companies understand what it means because I still hear companies say; “No, we also stand for equality and diversity. It’s so important”. But that doesn’t really measure up does it now, when your team and even your board of directors […]

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