26 Fun Facts


I thought it would be fun to share 26 fun facts that you may or may not know about me. I love learning a little more about the people behind some of my favourite blogs, so I hope you enjoy reading my little list below too! My name is Jennifer Mercera and I live in The […]

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Community Of Souls

Throughout the years I have seen many people who have found purpose in their pain. Pain from their traumas, trails, lows, injustices… Last week I read a quote that said; “ The places you’ve been hurt the deepest are often the places God will use you the most. It resonated with me because this is […]

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Interview with Emily Meier Via

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I am the sole proprietor of two businesses. Under the business Permit Services, I handle the hassle of processing building permits for contractors. I also am the owner and operator of Emily’s Oils & Essentials, an aromatherapy supply company that has been in business […]

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Barcelona highlights & tips

Barcelona highlights & tips l Paperbeau

Barcelona is one of the most dazzling, energetic and vibrant cities in Europe. Due to its delicious sangria, gin and wine. It’s rich history and culture and rare or I should say unique, uncommon architecture, mouthwatering paella and warm weather are what make Barcelona worth the visit. And what makes it’s super fun to be […]

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The Power Of Words

The power of words l Paperbeau.nl

Hi, darlings! So recently, I’ve been reading up on the power of words. When one of my dear friends pointed out how hard I am on myself. And I wanted to change that part of myself. So I started to read and learn more about this topic. I realized that a powerful voice in my […]

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Interview With Tihanna McCleese

Interview female entrepreneurs l Paperbeau.nl

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I have a platform called Worth-A-Read where WORTHY conversations LIVE and your story MATTERS! As a coach, consultant and trainer, I help individuals get clear on the stories not serving them in their personal and professional lives. I use my gifts as a highly […]

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