Meet the Founders Of Blue Ninja

Interview With Founders Blue Ninja l Paperbeau

In the latest edition of our ‘Stories Of Female Entrepreneurs’, we caught up with the inspirational Julie Taylor and Louisa Stewart to discover more about their entrepreneurship journey. Their company Blue Ninja got shortlisted in 2020 for the NBCC Entrepreneur of the Year Award(!) and this year for the SME award – Best Online Business. […]

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Positive Findings

As challenging as the last 16 (!) months have been, I keep trying every day to look for something positive. Positive findings, if you will, and in my previous blog post, I wrote down my positive findings and how important wellness and mental health is to me. And these last ten months have forced me […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Dora Halasz

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I have a jewelry business. I am a jewelry designer and silversmith. I design and handmade each Designedbydori jewelry. I’m a solopreneur, which means besides the creative part of the process, I’m the one who negotiates with the suppliers ( only trustworthy, ethical gemstones, […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharnette Donacien

Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharnette Donacienl

This week I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Sharenette (@be_you_consult, a talented business coach and mentor, helping female entrepreneurs make their business dreams come true. Read all about the biggest lesson she’s learned during her entrepreneur journey. It’s truly inspiring! Let’s meet her.. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? My […]

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Positive Findings During Pandemic

Positive Findings During Pandemic - Being More Minimalistic- Paperbeau

Hey, hey loves, how’s your spirit? How’s your heart? How have you been spending your time? I’ve been working a lot, and as some of you might know, I work as a digital marketing manager and recently taking on several freelance assignments, all within digital marketing. Like SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics dashboards, and the […]

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10 Things I Stopped Doing To Gain Peace In My Life

Hi, darlings, this week’s blog post is all about gaining (more) inner peace. Last year I took a lot of time to go inward, reflect and journal. There are specific actions and behaviours that I must avoid to gain more inner peace. Today I want to share with you ten things I stopped doing to […]

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