Why Black Lives Matter’s Resistance Affects Everyone

Why Black Lives Matter's Resistance Affects Everyone l Paperbeau.nl

His name was George Floyd, he was 46 years old. On Monday, May 25, 2020, he attempted to pay with a forged $ 20 bill in a Minneapolis store. The police were called. White agent Derek Chauvin, to whom eighteen complaints (!)  had previously been filed, responded to the call. He violently knocked the unarmed […]

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Interview With Film Producer Thais Nepomuceno

Interview With Film Producer Thais Nepomuceno l Paperbeau

In our continuing series of interviews with key industry professionals ‘People You Need To Know’, we welcome Film Producer Thais Nepomuceno. This boss lady sat down with me for some quick insight into her latest documentary film called Herdeiros. Thais Nepomuceno shares her journey in becoming a film producer and her love for the job. […]

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