Interview With Solo Traveller Stephanie Ambroise

Solotraveller Stephanie Ambroise l Paperbeau

Introduce yourself 🙂 Who are you? And which country do you come from or call home? I’m Stephanie a soon to be 45 yr old advertising professional based in NYC. Pretty much a tristate area girl as I grew up in NJ for the majority of my life but also had some stints in another […]

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Interview With Solo traveller Ashleigh Evans

Solo traveller Ashleigh Evans l Paperbeau

Solo travelling as a female can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be! Travelling on your own can be a fantastic experience. After all, you’re your own boss! Read all about the experience of Ashleigh. Introduce yourself 🙂 Who are you? and which country do you come from or call home? Hello 🙂 My name is […]

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8 things you learn when travelling solo

Graditude quotes l Paperbeau

When I started to tell my family and friends that I was going to move to Berlin, Germany. Their first reaction was : With who are you going to Berlin with? When I said I was going on my own, most responses were  similar; “Wow, that shows character!” “Aren’t you scared?” “Will it be safe?” […]

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