Interview With Female Entrepreneur Amena Apshori

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I am a certified self-love and self-confidence coach for women who want to connect with their feminine energy and tap into their worthiness. I guide women to find their purpose, passion and to love themselves throughout the process. I use tools where I help […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Cheryl Engels

Interview with female entrepreneur Cheryl Engels l Paperbeau

Hi, darlings, happy Monday! I would like to introduce you to business owner Cheryl Engels. Cheryl is the go-to source for nutrition. She’s focused on creating healthy eating habits, helps motivate to exercise regularly and helps to work towards a point of loving yourself.  Today on Paperbeau, we’re honoured to profile her! She shares what […]

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Body positivity


I recently thought a lot about: why is ‘body positivity’ a thing!? And not because I think it’s stupid but because I don’t understand why ‘we’ need to make it clear that it’s OK to be curvy, thick or ‘fat’. For me, it feels like I need to make it clear to people that it […]

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Lessons I Learned From SATC

Lessons I Learned From Sex And The City (and It Might Not Be What You Expect) June 6th, 1998, the day Sex and the City premiered. I loved that show so much it became my unofficial life guide in my 20s. I wanted nothing more than to have a fabulous life where I love my […]

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… you don’t have to follow the crowd, just be you. … if you’re wondering when will be the moment that you will be more serious  … every time someone calls “STOP”, to think to yourself “Hammertime …” Can not touch this. …to eat that “sharing pack” M & Ms all alone. – You will […]

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7 Tips for practicing self-care

I work full-time as an online marketing manager where at moment the main objective is to increase conversion. Meaning I am on my screen more than 40 hours a week to make sure all online activities go as planned. I analyse the results of the platform and creating reports to demonstrate any increases. I am […]

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