Interview With Female Entrepreneur Roya Caviglia

Interview With Female Entrepreneur Roya Caviglia l Paperbeau

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I run a language school that specializes in supporting international families. We are a small group of teachers who design and deliver personalized online English courses for children and adults that support them in reaching their goals. We want everyone to feel confident and […]

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Meet the Founders Of Blue Ninja

Interview With Founders Blue Ninja l Paperbeau

In the latest edition of our ‘Stories Of Female Entrepreneurs’, we caught up with the inspirational Julie Taylor and Louisa Stewart to discover more about their entrepreneurship journey. Their company Blue Ninja got shortlisted in 2020 for the NBCC Entrepreneur of the Year Award(!) and this year for the SME award – Best Online Business. […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Natasha Rekhi

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I am an educator and entrepreneur. During the pandemic, I launched Theatre4Kids; a virtual drama education program that caters to a global student community. In my spare time, I am a radio host for a family show and podcast series on the English radio […]

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Positive Findings During Pandemic

Positive Findings During Pandemic - Being More Minimalistic- Paperbeau

Hey, hey loves, how’s your spirit? How’s your heart? How have you been spending your time? I’ve been working a lot, and as some of you might know, I work as a digital marketing manager and recently taking on several freelance assignments, all within digital marketing. Like SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics dashboards, and the […]

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Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharn Khaira

Interview With Female Entrepreneur Sharn Khaira l Paperbeau

Good morning darlings! Recently I had the honour and great pleasure to interview Sharn Khaira who was an Asian Wedding Planner and coordinator for Asian and Fusion weddings at Desi Bride Dreams. I say great pleasure because of the positive energy she brings with and you can read it throughout the answers she gives. It’s […]

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Dear White People: Here Is How Racism In The Workplace Looks Like

Hi Darlings, Today I want to talk about racial discrimination in the workplace. More so companies understand what it means because I still hear companies say; “No, we also stand for equality and diversity. It’s so important”. But that doesn’t really measure up does it now, when your team and even your board of directors […]

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