Interview With Solo traveller Diane Miriam

Interview With Solo traveller Diane Miriam l Paperbeau

Introduce yourself 🙂 Who are you? And which country do you come from or call home? My name is Diane Miriam and the USA is home for me, I am from Milwaukee, WI, currently residing in Chicago, IL. I am a two time graduate of Florida A & M University (FAMU), lover of travel and […]

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Interview With Solo Traveler Michaela Simone

Interview female solo traveller l Paperbeau

Introduce yourself! Who are you? and which country do you come from/ call home? My name is Michaela Simone. I have many nicknames. People abroad usually call me “Micha”, but my close friends know me as ‘Mickey or Mick’ I consider the world my home, although I was born in Farrell, Pennsylvania, USA, a small town outside of […]

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